The Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections appears to be up to some nefarious hi jinx ~bad dirty tricks!  

There’s Channel 25 – Local media on site!


The Riviera Beach tabulation site has become the center of a protest demanding that voter transparency and integrity questions be answered.  


It was reported that the voting machines are not the machines Wendy Link stated would be used. – See photo of new machine.


Wendy gave multiple tours of working machines in July- September 2021 which appear to be replaced with notorious “cheating machines” + it is also reported that the public is not being allowed access to view the process.


We say “reported” because we are not there yet. This is info texted to us by those who are there.


A call to action has been sent out to patriots and all citizens that can meet at the tabulation center by 10:30am- 4pm throughout the day so please visit:


Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Service Center
7835 Central Industrial Drive
Riviera Beach, FL


Ask for Vote by Mail Ballot Canvassing Section”
Take photos and videos and post on our social media groups.