Pray for America

We are in a battle. #wakeupAmerica 
We need to unite.


Our President, Donald Trump, is on an assignment. 


He was “called” for “such a time as this to fight for America against an insidious, evil enemy that supersedes the Democratic Party. We are in a spiritual battle. That is why the church leaders & prophets support him. They recognize his spirit as he defends Judeo- Christian values & ideology.


Trump is outspoken & uncensored. A tough business man & negotiator. We need his strong leadership. Like all humans, he is a sinner, saved my grace, who acknowledges Christ and protects FREEDOM.


Trump has a prophetic mantle that was placed on him to combat & overcome the attacks of the enemy that is trying to destroy and overtake America. 



Dear American Citizen: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Beloved, It’s time to RISE.

Every race #unite #americatogether

➡️We will not sleepwalk into voluntary socialism, communism, slavery or genocide.

➡️WOKEN! We KNOW whats going on!
Anti-America Agenda! CoronaVirus has a Political Motivation + The New Technology monitors everything we do!

➡️#Liberty is never more than one generation away from extinction. We will ✅protect our rights, ✅exercise our voting power as U.S. citizens 🇺🇸🇺🇸

➡️We will not ❎comply with a global mandatory vaccine or #RFchips (for population control) in the name of global health.

➡️ We will register to vote & VOTE OUT ANY elected official who does NOT defend & protect the US Constitution. #FreedomFights by #voting (FLprimary) #August18 & #November3.

➡️ We will be share our voice on social media: join groups, use #hashtags & share news in groups & blogs because our traditional news source #mainstream media #fakenews is no longer trusted.

➡️ This is no longer just about “keeping Americans safe” from a global pandemic. The CDC & WHO have bad data & count all deaths as COVID-related in the death toll to cause fear and to manipulate compliance.

➡️This is a global lockdown, using surveillance to overtake civil liberty & attempting to destroy the US Economy

➡️Enforcing global surveillance (drones manufactured by a Chinese company) in the name of global health that will shared globally & used for population control to implement one world leader #oneworldorder. This is a violation of privacy!
➡️Americans will RISE & UNITE! We will vote & elect officials who protect & preserve our US Constitution.

🇺🇸🇺🇸VOTE for #freedom #conservatives #probusiness #VOTEred #trump2020 because #socialismsucks #communismsucks

➡️ We boldly pronounce #life, #liberty #pursuitofhappiness #freedom, #civilliberty #restoration #prosperity of #America & our friends around the globe.

➡️ We use prayer to speak forth divine protection over our citizens, our nation, our freedom & our #President, Donald J. Trump. We will overcome the attacks of the #invisibleenemy that is trying to kill, steal, destroy and overtake America. John 10:10

It is written. It is finished.
Through the blood of Jesus Christ.

In HIS Light,
Candace Rojas
Proud American Citizen
PR Evangelist


Dear American Citizen: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#Liberty is never more than one generation away from extinction.


➡️You do NOT have to stay home.
➡️You do NOT have to close your business.
➡️You are NOT restricted in travel.
➡️You are NOT banned from religious assembly.

A law must be passed by a state legislature (which has not been done in any of the 50 states) to be enforced.

➡️Stay at home
➡️Close your business
➡️Don’t go to church
➡️Practice social distancing
➡️Wear a mask
➡️No interstate travel

These are guidelines—NOT LAWS & carry no criminal penalty for violation.

A governor or mayor may NOT craft a law or assign a punishment for its non-compliance.

If one does, such orders or actions would be profoundly #unconstitutional & a solid basis for compensation.

🇺🇸1ST Amendment~Free Exercise Clause #freedomofreligion & #freedomofassembly #fundamentalliberty.

🇺🇸5th Amendment #righttopurchase a lawful product in interstate commerce from a willing seller.

🇺🇸14TH Amendment #righttotravel on public highways & #transportproperty in the ordinary course of life & business #righttoenjoylife & #liberty.

#covid19 #freedomfights